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ambulances desperately needed in zambia

A.P. is an 80-year-old female, living in one of the poor neighborhoods of Lusaka, Zambia. She was left partially paralyzed after suffering a stroke, is visually impaired, and has several health conditions including hypertension and heart failure. She sadly cannot afford transportation to the nearest clinic/hospital and medications for the on-going management of her health conditions, putting her at very high risk for further health complications, including death. Unfortunately, she is just one of the thousands of underprivileged people in Zambia facing similar health challenges.


Prestige Wellness Foundation has come up with a solution to this serious health problem and we need your help to make it a reality. We plan to acquire a fully equipped ambulance, to serve not only for emergencies but also as a mobile medical clinic. The procurement of this vehicle will permit us to access many underserved communities and provide home health services to at least 15 patients a day. These mobile health clinic services will be covered by most major Zambian insurance companies that do not cover for home health services.


To achieve this major goal, we are asking for your help in raising about US $20,000.00  to procure this vehicle from South Africa. Any donation you can contribute toward this goal will be greatly appreciated as it will no doubt help to save so many Zambians like A.P. who are unable to access the medical services they so desperately require.

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