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Free Community Health Fairs

  • We hold free health fairs where we provide preventative health such as blood pressure screenings, diabetic screenings, education, etc.

  • Free treatment is provided for patients.

  • We also provide food pantries at these health fares.

  • Free physiotherapy sessions.

Minooka "Fun In Son" Health Screenings (August 2023)

Thanks to the generous support of the Ghana National Council of Chicago, we were honored to participate in the Minooka "Fun in Son" event as Prestige Wellness Foundation, in collaboration with the Ghanaian Community Health Clinic. The Ghanaian Community Health Clinic is dedicated to serving individuals lacking access to essential healthcare and offering proactive healthcare management. At Prestige Wellness Foundation, we had the privilege of offering complimentary health screenings as part of our commitment to promoting well-being in underserved communities.

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