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“ Celebrate the season of giving with us this 2023 Christmas! Prestige Wellness Foundation’s 2nd Annual Christmas Party is here to bring joy to over 350 children from Misisi’s Ivwananji Community School. Let’s light up smiles in Lusaka’s heart! #PrestigeWellnessChristmas #GivingBack

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Prestige Wellness Foundation Will this Sunday conduct it's monthly outreach programme in Lusaka's chamba valley area PWF, gives back to communities in Zambia by providing food shelter and assistance.

The foundation also runs a Wellness centre in Lusaka's Woodlands area and works to restoring and supporting the changing health and societal needs of the underserved Zambian communities by standing in partnership with clients;

You can donate to PWF monthly outreach programs

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the school
Christmas experience

A few weeks ago Prestige Wellness Foundation started a campaign to make a major impact on over 500 kids at Open Arms Orphanage and Community School in Lusaka, Zambia, by blessing them with their first-ever Christmas party to be a lifetime memory. Thank you to our supportive donors, and everyone who dedicated their time, prayers and efforts. We are pleased to share that we had an epic event!! Below are a few highlights of the joy that was spread last Friday, December 23 to so many vulnerable children.

A special big thanks to Karen Mwiinde Karen Nwankwo of Karen's Kitchen Catering and Event Planning for coordinating this successful event. Another shout out to Kaluluma Mulenga of Kem Photo Hub for amazing photography and videography coverage of the whole event!! This will be an annual event! Stay tuned to our social media pages and website for more highlights of the event.

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Ambulances Needed

In Zambia

A.P. is an 80-year-old female, living in one of the poor neighborhoods of Lusaka, Zambia. She was left partially paralyzed after suffering a stroke, is visually impaired, and has several health conditions including hypertension and heart failure...

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Donations are crucial to the success of our organization. Without them, we would not have the means to provide services, fund our outreach programs or be able to have the online database available for your use. Since we are an approved 501-c3 non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law. All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated!

Sponsor a Family


54% of people in Zambia live in poverty with little access to healthcare. With our holistic approach, partnering with stakeholders in the community our aim is to help sustain some of the underprivileged families.

Have the option to donate to an individual for $20 Family of 5 for $100 a month

Operating Costs

To help with the monthly financial Operating cost of the Prestige Foundation clinic and outreach programs we need which includes employee wages, taxes, rent, utilities, and petty cash


Part of our goals is to acquire land in Lusaka, Zambia to initially build a clinic, then eventually expand it to a level one trauma hospital. For the initial phase of the building project, we need:

  • 15 acres of land at approximately $250,000

  • Cost of building the clinic at approximately $500,000


Prestige Foundation continues to reach out to more people requiring our services in rural areas and reaching out to emergency situations in a timely manner to save lives. We are therefore appealing for donations to help us acquire:

  • 2 fully equipped ambulances at approximately $20,000 each (which will also work as mobile clinics)

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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